Step 2: 21-Day Program

Do three sets on each exercise in the Abs Workout using your personal number of repetitions. For best results, work your abdominal muscles five days a week.

The program's broken into week-long segments to provide progressive resistance - like increasing the amount of weight you lift -- by changing arm and/or leg positions each week. Your abs will be challenged without upping repetitions to exorbitant numbers.

Once you've completed Week 1, reassess how many crunches you can do. If you're able to advance to the next level of perfect crunches, you can move on to Week 2. If not, spend a few more days, preferably another week, on those exercises. And test again. But Suzanne, we better work hard!

Once you have completed the three phases, continue challenging your abdominal muscles with the variations in the Advanced Program.

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step 1: abs program
step 2: the program
step 3: the exercises for 3 weeks
step 4: advanced program

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